Care and Use

Care for your new Spiritwear

Your new rhinestone spiritwear will have a long useful life if you follow these instructions to care for it. Before you wash your shirt, always turn it inside out. The agitator on most top load washers can knock the rhinestones off and even with front load washers with no agitators, there’s always the chance that something on another garment can snag on a rhinestone.

Wash in Cold Water Only

Wash inside out in cold water only with like colors on gentle cycle. Do not wash alone. The other cloths help protect your shirt from the agitator.

Heat is Bad

DO NOT MACHINE DRY! Hang to dry! Remember, the rinestones on your t-shirt were put on with heat so they can come off with heat too. Some dryers may be too hot and will loosen the adhesive on some of the rhinestones.

Never use an iron directly on top of or on back of the rhinestones.

Long Useful Life

If you follow these simple washing instructions, you should get a long useful life out of your new Spirit Bling!

Over time individual stones are bound to fall off. Spirit Bling cannot be responsible for stones that come off due to normal wear and tear or stones that fall off if these washing instructions are not followed.


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